Just a bit of a post assignment noodle before heading off to bed.

Daud post high chaos, 20-30 minutes tops. Mainly a cathartic thing.

/quietly posts answer to last colour meme question thing and poots away Anon asked for a slightly distressed Winter Soldier and I give them a very distressed Winter Soldier soaking in Steve’s bathtub. 

Emily telling her Geoff and Corvo a story before bedtime.

Anonymous asked: is it ok if i use one of your drawings as sidebar image and give credit to you?

Sure thing, anon~! 8)

Just reading Jensen’s old comic books before going to bed.

Erin and I watched the Losers earlier today and I think it’s safe to say we fell in love with these two. Tumblr users shaunhastings and tickatocka are also to blame for this.

Instagram doodlydoos from the last week featuring the outsider being lonely in a sea of ghey (isn’t that basically the plot of dishonored oops)

Not feeling very well.

practiced a new painting technique that erin showed me so I went with ellie. still trying to work out the kinks that got me down these last couple of weeks but i think i’m slowly recovering

"Sometimes all you need is to cuddle on the couch with your bestie."