"How come you get the warmer jacket? No fair."

"You gonna stand there and complain about it or are you gonna come here and share it with me?"

Is it winter yet?

"Gee, Nick. For someone who studies Interior Architecture, you sure don’t draw much of it."

Huge ass OC sketchdump feat. Connor, Corvoand a couple of gay girlfriend doodles.jpg

Almost all the drawings in my the journal Erin gave me from October to last year to now. U v U Some of these characters belong to Erin too, like most of the babes in the last page heh.

I wanted to tweak the theme on my main blog and I made these guys my sidebar ´ ///▽/// ` )ノ

Your armour is dented, marred not only by men’s swords but also wounds of their betrayal that cut deep ‘neath your chain mail.

You are fae-touched, by the black-eyed Leviathan who blinks at you from the Wrenhaven’s depths. He, from the dark abyss of the sky, from the void, watches you and waits.

He knows you can do better.

I’ve been working on this over the past few days now, more Medieval AU (god, I love me some AUs oops). It was challenging to work on but I’m pleased with how it turned out~ 

[casually posts this while everyone’s still asleep]

Some more medieval Dishonored shenanigans oops; the Outsider as how he’d look (yes, you’re seeing things right, he’s not wearing anything at all B’)) ) and oops, Daud and Corvo eating each others’ faces because I have no shame. (I blame Erin and yeahyeahyeaaah).